Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hanging on by a hinge....

This is truly how life has been for this family the last week or so. There is only one thing to do when life gets this way. Pick up a screw driver (aka a glass) and a can of WD40 (aka a bottle of wine) fix the hinge and the squeak and keep on getting it.

I hate it when people post about how they haven't been posting and they are sorry and blah blah blah. I wasn't sorry I didn't blog I was just sorry I didn't have time to blog and I am sure the 4 of you that read me occasionally didn't miss me much. :)

Having said that I am hoping I am back for a bit of a stretch. Blogging is a medium for me to let loose some of the crazy brain cells I have, for people to actually hear the voices that talk only to me. I read blogs for the exact opposite reason, to hear the thoughts that people have that you would never have the pleasure of knowing unless of course you are a mind reader, which I will neither confirm or deny I can do.

I need to blow the dust off of my camera again too, I participated in a camera related activity that quite honestly I hated (can't believe there is anything about a camera I hate but it is true I do) and I have not picked the thing up since. I have been giving it time to let the bad juju melt off of it. I think it is time! This weekend the juju should be gone. LOOK OUT WORLD HERE I COME!