Tuesday, November 27, 2007


uumm I am not sure who did this. oh wait I see.. Kim-D NO smoochies for you.

I know you guys miss me but I have really been busy! Seriously I know that is no excuse but I have been doing so much! I have made a movie for my mother and her siblings using photos from their pre birth and childhood on up to their children. Do you know how long that has taken???

On top of that I have maintained an A in my class. Do you know how hard that is????

Also the kid Punk Child is giving me a FIT. I have been having to hold his hand with each and every step this year. I really need to do more for him but I don't know where to begin.

I have been raising a 3 month old puppy who LOVES my slippers. The bad part is she only LOVES them on my feet. Do you know how badly 3 month old puppy teeth hurt on the top of the foot. She wants to know if you guys know how badly the top of mommies foot in the ass hurts?

Other than all of that I am great wonderful seriously. This is my very very favorite time of the year. I have my baby Charlie Brown tree up.. the house smells like Christmas which I adore.

I see that some one learned how to put up pictures which is GREAT.. I love seeing her face.. that beautiful face. I also understand that the wine glasses I stole .... errr hmmm borrowed on that house visit might need to be returned. And someone else adores their SH and DD. That picture is great by the way.. to be cherished I am sure.

As for my Dear Sister.. she hasn't updated her blog either so I have no clue if she is living.

I am going to leave you with two pictures these are pictures that not everyone in my generation has... pictures that I will hold on to dearly to pass down to my childrens children.

Both of these pictures are of two of my GREAT GREAT Grandmothers! I will tell you how under the pictures!

Miss you all.. smooches to everyone except the woman who made the dog bite my boob!

This is my mothers, mothers, mothers, mother! How cool is that???

And this pretty lady is my mothers, mothers, fathers, mother... I am so into this.. it is just awesome!

Ok fine.. smooch Kim-d