Sunday, December 2, 2007

Before I get bit

I thought I would say HI!

How is everyone? Things are good here.

I am counting the days down until Christmas. I am hoping Santa brings me the camera I have been whining eeerrr hhmmm I mean polietely asking for. yes it is a little more than your average every day old camera.. but this is ME. I am not average.

I know I have been away again for some time.. to be honest I am busy all the time! There is never not a load of clothes, or not something to dust, or not something to wash.. of all people for me to channel I channel the one that would have a heart attack if something was out of place for someone to see. (our family are closet crammers if it is in the closet and no one can see it . oh well)

Well I thought I would leave you with this cute little picture of me when I was little. With my little brother with the girly curls. Oh I am so sweet and innocent and adorable in this little dress with a bow in my hair.. I was such a girly girl.. never ever did I get dirty or play in the mud or beat up boys.. not me I was in the kitchen baking cookies.. Oh shit forget it.. just look at my knees if you want to know what kind of kid I really was.. and I still remember the beating I took to get me in that dress and the one that was threatened if I didn't smile like a girl in the picture..

Now THIS is more what I looked like :)