Saturday, April 28, 2007


No real post about life as a waterman's wife today. If anything he should post about how pathetic of a wife I have been today! From 2 pm until 11 pm tonight I have had my nose stuck in a book! Promise Not To Tell. I linked the title of this post to the authors website.

This is probably one of the most gripping books I have read in FOREVER. If you are mystery lover you will LOVE this book.

Ok so I wasn't such a great wife today.. I didn't even cook him dinner, but I DID go get his wedding ring resized today so it would stop falling off. That counts for something right?

PS I started and finished the book today.

Friday, April 27, 2007

What is a Waterman?

Well besides my wonderful handsome husband that is.

To be honest a few years ago I would have answered this question with a very strange look followed directly by.. "WHAT??? YOU MUST BE KIDDING!!! RIGHT???" Now I answer in a more dignified way.. with "OH PPPUUUULLLLLLEEEEZZZZEEEE!!" followed with a big eye roll!

Just kidding Marie.

In all seriousness I found out a few years ago that the term "waterman" is very localized term used on the Chesapeake Bay. It means just what it says actually, it is a man who works on the water. It doesn't matter what his catch is, fish, crabs, clams, or oysters. If he gets up at the crack of dawn and is on his boat or if he works all night does not matter. What matters is that he makes his living from what he catches on the bay.

When the question was asked I did a quick google search and I found this poem written by Jennings Evans. I felt that it summed everthing up beautifully and truthfully.

What is a waterman?
Well, that's not easy to define
But he comes from a special breed
He's usually not the wimpish kind.
He's dedicated to making a living
From a blustery Bay
That can be unrelenting
On any given day.

Each day becomes a battle
For which he must prepare
To fight against the summer's heat
Or the winter's chilling air.

A waterman has to endure it all
The wind, the ice, the rain
Nothing comes easy to him
Except the aches and pains.

Sometimes a waterman is not understood
By his fellow man
His ways are rough and rugged
He's not satisfied too long on land.

Sometimes he's witty and humorous
Sometimes he's an ornery old goat
But what seems to make him the happiest
Is when he's aboard of his boat.

You might say a waterman lives
An unusual way of life
He spends more time with his boat
Than he does with his wife.

Of course, he will try to make sure
His wife isn't completely ignored
If there's extra work on the boat to do
He'll try to lure the old gal aboard.

Now the watermen's news is usually heard
Down at the General Store
Where each waterman can communicate
Or even take the floor.

Many topics are discussed
But the most popular form of gab
Almost always boils down
To nothing but oysters and crabs.

It's the pursuit of oysters or crabs
That make the waterman's day
He's very hard to live with
When he can't get out on the Bay.
A waterman must have a special knowledge
To keep his boat and rig in shape
It's really surprising how much he can fix
With a piece of wire or tape.

And then a waterman's disposition
Is not completely sour
Except, maybe when he has to arise
In the wee, early morning hours.

But he can be downright entertaining
When he spins a yarn for you
And he's certainly not above
Throwing you a curve or two.

But it would be a sad old day
Should the independent waterman
Be forced to leave the Bay.

Big corporations with their smooth operations
Would quickly move in with their slick manipulations
And then, where do you think the watermen would be
Of course, working for "The Big Man" and no longer free.

Yes, these are times of apprehension
When a waterman can't clearly see
What lies ahead for the Chesapeake Bay
Or what his catch will be.

Still he must be determined
To have the faith, and hope
That with the good Lord's help, he'll make it
Along with his trusty old boat.

What is a waterman?
He's just a man, who works on the sea
Who helps provide the food
That God has given to you and me.

May God bless all the watermen
As they toil on the Bay each day.
And may he always watch over the watermen
The colorful watermen of the Chesapeake Bay.

Just for your futher enjoyment this is a little peek at what my Waterman does.

For the record waterman have always been my heros. I love you guys. Grandaddy, Pop, Uncle Tay, Uncle Bill, RoRo may all of you be working the bay in heaven hauling in record catches. To my guys still here, My Waterman, JW and Gunsmoke, I worry, it is what I do, but for you all I hope the day comes that the tides turn.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Don't drink and fly.. you may hit a bump and slam your fist in the face of the woman beside you.

Today started out like any other.. I woke up. That is where normal ENDS for this lovely day.

It wasn't all bad.. Let's start with some good things.

I went to these places today. I can't tell you what I got at one of those places (surprises) and there is another store's bag, but that is in the car and I am not going out in the rain to get it.

I had these tonight. After posting last night about my huge rear end I eat this today.. MORONIC I tell ya..

I am sleeping in this tonight. Granted I am sleeping in it alone and that does not make me happy in the least but it does look comfy doesn't it? Oh and the pillows are heavenly. I really need new pillows at home.

Ok on to the interesting things..

I got up at 4 am to catch a flight to Chicago. I really did not want to get up that early but I did. I had no desire to leave the wonderful Waterman, the little Binky Boo, or the little Dude, but alas I made my way to the truck after as many kisses as I could squeeze in.

Get to the airport- check.
Get through security- check
Get to gate- check
Play on Internet while waiting for loading- check
Call home check on Waterman, Binky and Dude- Check
Load Plane- check

We were loaded on the plane for the pilot to immediately come on the intercom to say that we are delayed two hours!!! I mean SERIOUSLY.. WHY DO THEY DO THIS? I know they knew before putting us on the plane that we were NOT going anywhere. Ok fine whatever.

Settle in for a wait- chec... oh not so fast there.. I am sitting beside a lady who didn't bother to book her flight until last night and as surprising as it was to her she was not seated beside her husband. Well boo hoo. Ok fine not boo hoo. I felt giving and after all I would have wanted to sit next to my waterman too, so I agreed to switch seats with her husband. I mean after all it was caddy corner to me and was still an isle seat.

Pack Laptop back up- check
Grab book- check
Switch Seats- check
Settle in for wait-chec.. oh this is SO NOT happening.. the nice lady that is in the middle seat (who was quite a bit older than I am and since you all know how large I am I can say this and not feel guilty at ALL.. quite a bit larger than I am) can't keep her arm in her seating area.. her arm kept getting in my space!! In my rib area. Then she wants to chat. I am emailing work on my blackberry.. here is how that conversation went.
OL (old lady) Oh you have one of those text things.
Me mmhhm
OL Are you texting people about the delay?
Me unntaahh
OL Are you using that for work?
Me mmhhmm
OL Is it really that important?
Me mmmhhmm
OL I see

Now typically I am not this mean about things, but I forgot to tell you about boarding the plane. That didn't help matters much. I boarded behind a older smaller Asian gentleman, picture an older rougher Mr Miyagi. This man had a larger bag than I have ever seen allowed on a plane. I am not sure how he was even allowed to board with this thing but he did. He lugged this thing behind him and seemed so frail I wanted to pick it up and carry it for him, that was before he backed up and banged me with it TWICE. No excuse me.. No I am sorry.. Only thing I got for my banged shins was a evil nasty look. Asswipe. So we FINALLY make it back to the seats, Miyagi is in the row behind my original seat. Keep in mind I am only on a one night trip so I only have my back pack and planned on storing it under the seat, well apparently Miyagi was afraid I was going to put my bag in the over head bin over my seat because he tried to take my head off with that monstrous bag of his!!! Frail my ass!

So you see, between getting up way early, delayed flights, Miyagiasswipe, Musical Seats, Elbows, and nosy granny.. I had finally HAD ENOUGH and was about to blow my lid. Anyway I think that the yelling in my head must have scared Granny Elbow a little because she started to leave me alone. Back to the check list.

Get book out- check
Get Mac out- check
Email Lis back on BB- check
Start Settling back in for the wait-chec.. OH NO NO NO NO NO THIS IS SOOOO NOT HAPPENING..
OL.. Excuse me.
Me.. muttering under breath
OL.. Excuse me.
Me.. yes.
OL.. My husband needs to stand up.
Me.. (in my head again) BITE ME.. GRAMPS can cramp up and pee himself for all I care I am not moving..
Me for real. Ok..
Stand up - check
Move out of way- check
Let Gramps by - check
Smile cause he seems as miserable with Granny Elbow as I am - check
Sit back down to wait for Gramps to come back- check

OL.. you know I think I will go while he is going..
ME (head again) if you don't make up your friggin mind I am going to stick a fork in your eyeball and pluck it out.
ME.. audible sigh

Apparently Granny Elbow didn't have to tinkle like Gramps, she apparently had to float a log that gagged Rows 21 through 15. All the while I am standing there waiting.. what was the point in sitting back down.

Ok.. so Gramps shuffles back into his seat and Granny Stinky Elbow flops back in hers. I settle back into mine. FINALLY
Settle in for long wait and two hour flight - CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK

So finally we are on the way, Granny Stinky Elbow reads a book which is fine by me, but then it is beverage time. I get coffee and she has the NERVE to tell me to BE CAREFUL with it. Uumm do I look like I am 2???

Live through Turbulence from Hell without puking- CHECK
Land- Check
Stand up and Wait for people to get their luggage-CHEEAARRRRGGGGHHHH
Granny Stinky Elbow shoved me into the isle!!! I didn't need to get luggage out of the bins so I was waiting, well she didn't want to so she SHOVED me into the isle!! WHAT THE HELL! So then I spent the next 10 minutes being bumped around the isle because I was in the way.
Get off plane- Check
Get rental Car- Check
Work- Check

That should be the end of my tragic day. Umm no. Joe (aka my Dad) calls me and says that Dude's book bag is gone (in this book bag is his clothes and all of his medications for tomorrow)
Me-Gone? What do you mean GONE?
Joe-He says someone stole it.
Me- That didn't happen
Joe- Probably not but we don't have it..
Me- Ok.. I am sorry
Joe- I went and got him some clothes
Me- didn't you get his medicine
Joe- he doesn't have any
Me- yes he does I picked it up YESTERDAY
Joe- He doesn't know where it is
Joe- I will take him to get it.

so he does.. I love my Joe.. but when they get back to Joe's house.. dude only has ONE sock with him. This is after making TWO trips to my house. Whatever, tomorrow he is going to school in dirty socks!!

Ok.. that seems like enough right? Nope not for me.
I finally get all checked in the hotel and take a much need shower to relax. I forget to take my contacts out before showering and there is just something about hotel water, maybe it is the chlorine, it dries my eyes out really bad. It took me about 10 minutes to unstick the little sheets of plastic from my eyeballs and THIS is what I was left with.

I did get one half way cool airport picture today though.. see?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mirror Mirror on the wall...


On days like today I look in the mirror and try to figure out where the hell I went. Or maybe I should say why is there enough of me to make TWO of me. Seriously! When I got pregnant with Bud I weighed just about 100 pounds. When I got pregnant with Dude I weighed about 20 more pounds than that.. MAYBE. Now.. Let's just say I am serious when I say there is enough to make two of me.

I have tried diets, lost some weight, gained it back, lost some weight, gained MORE back, lost some weight, gained WAY MORE back. I am now at the point I am not even comfortable in my own skin. I don't know who I am or why I can't put the fork down.

Hang on I need to get the doughnut sugar off of my fingers..

Ok back.. Now there is popcorn butter on my fingers..

Ok back.. Hang on I can't type and eat this bowl of ice cream..

Ok back..

DO YOU THINK I HAVE AN ISSUE??? I do. I am scared. I am miserable. I am sad.

And I don't know what to do..

Have you seen me??? If you have please send me back to Mathews County so maybe I can start over and do this differently!!


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Taking Tests..

I was having a hard time figuring out what to fill this blank page I have been looking at for the last 15 minutes with. Maybe that is where I was actually going wrong, I was trying to THINK of something to write about instead of just letting it happen. So I did what I have always done when I had something I couldn't answer. I asked my sister.

Tomorrow she has to take a test and she told me to write about that. So I am. This test she has to take is the third in a series of tests she is taking. She is on her way to study for this test right now. I wish I could take this test for her, if for nothing else but a little bit of pay back.

I have a confession. I graduated high school in the CLASS OF 89 from Mathews High School. I was in the class and I did graduate with the class but the confession is I graduated LAST in the class. That is right out of the 83 people in our senior class that year I was number 83. Well I guess actually 82 because one of my very close friends didn't make it. I wasn't last in my class because I was stupid, wait maybe it was because I was stupid, it wasn't because I was dumb, wait maybe it was because I was dumb, it wasn't because I was unintelligent!!! There finally I got it right. I was actually quite smart, I just didn't want anyone to KNOW I was smart. That would mean I wasn't cool!

In the years of trying so hard to be cool I do not remember ever doing the first bit of homework. I do not remember lugging books home. I do not remember taking notes in class. I don't remember studying for test. I do not remember these things because I did not do them. The only reason I ended up graduating at all was because of my sister. I can't even begin to tell you the number of nights she sat at home doing homework while I was out looking for my next beer. I can't tell you the number of times on the way to school or class that she crammed weeks worth of info down my throat so I could at least get a high F on a test.

Now she has a test to take and I wish I could study for her. I wish I could cram the information in her tomorrow morning so she didn't have to study. I wish I could do this so she could be knitting. I wish I could find a way to thank her for everything she did for me.

I did prove to myself and the rest of the world that I was in fact really quite smart ten years later when I went back to college and graduated with a 4.0 gpa, but that will not give her the time back of her youth that she spent trying to keep me in some kind of manageable order.

Thank you Middle Sis.. I love you!
LHK 4-ever
Mav B

Monday, April 23, 2007

Someday's are just normal..

Today has been nothing but what you would consider normal. No major melt downs on my part. No major drama for the Dude. No major boat issues for the waterman. All in all it has been a very typical normal day in someone else's world. In my world typical and normal are two words that do NOT describe the NORMAL day at all. Typically and normally something would be amiss, but not today. Nothing. Quiet. It is quite odd. Wait I am sorry there is 2 hours and 44 minutes left in my day for something to go not quite right.

Maybe I should explain. Not quiet right is not a bad thing at all. My not quiet right is my normal. my routine, and to be honest things don't seem quiet right when everything is even keeled. I love chaos. I always have for as long as I can remember I revolved around one form of chaos or another. Long ago it was bad chaos, these days my chaos maybe the fact that my Dude never comes home unless forced. Or maybe a knitting pattern that isn't doing what I think it should. Or Binky Boo getting sick for no apparent reason.. WAIT WAIT WAIT.. back up there.. Binky got sick today for no apparent reason. There chaos and normalcy restored in my world. (side note she is fine it seems she just nibbled on something that didn't agree with her)

JW stopped by today to say hi. It was good to finally SEE him. Talking online with him is great but just having him stop by on a whim is always cool. Too be honest I wish we saw more of him. He is a great kid. He is probably going to kill me for calling him a kid because he is far from what most of you would consider being a kid, but this isn't your world it is mine and for me it doesn't matter if he is 60 he will still be a kid.

Speaking of kids. My youngest kid has decided that the neighbors house is where he belongs. Not that I don't love he fact that he is having a great time. Not that I don't love the little bit of peace of mind it gives me to not see him sulking around he house doing that kid whine of a thing that grates on my nerves like nails on a chalk board. Oh if you have kids you know the one... the horrid, horrible, hair raise, blood curdling statement "I'm BOOORRRRREEEEEEDDDDDD!!!!" I don't miss any of that. I am just worried he is going to wear out his welcome. I have been told repeatedly that won't happen, that he will be sent home if he stays a second longer than he should. But still I worry that he will become the neighborhood nuisance. Or maybe I am just worried I am becoming the neighborhood UNCOOL mom and how horrifying that would be!!!

Hope all of you had a wonderful Monday. I am going to spend time with the wonderful Waterman.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Life is...

Just wonderful on the water in spring time! I have spent the last two afternoons on the water with my wonderful husband. Alone. As in just us. That is something that does not happen all that often. Typically we have friends or children or both with us. This weekend it was just us!!! Please do NOT get me wrong we LOVE it when friends ride along, we enjoy being with them and the conversation and the laughs, but sometimes it is so peaceful out there just cruising and hearing nothing but the John Deere rumbling. This afternoon was a little chilly so I spent the whole trip on the engine box wrapped up in a towel, because it was so cold I did not realize the amount of sun I was getting on my face. I look like ... well a sun burnt me.

Dude had a good weekend too. He spent the weekend with friends. I love the amount of independence he has been exerting lately. He is growing into a fine young man.

My son, Bud, came over yesterday afternoon so the Waterman and I could go out to dinner. Did you read that.. we went out to dinner! Dinner at a restaurant with REAL napkins. Real napkins in these parts are a rarity. The food was ok.. but the company was AMAZING. Have I mentioned lately how in love with the Waterman I am?

Back to Bud. That kid is absolutely the most amazing person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. The twelve agonizing hours I spent in labor with him was worth each and every terrifying second. He is 15 going on 30. The maturity level of this kid is something I am not even sure I have met yet. He gets his drivers license in a year, learners in 3 months and in no way am I afraid he will go out and do something stupid. You know something stupid like driving as fast as you can to a 90 degree corner to see how fast you can go and how close you can get before slowing down, I should also mention this corner had a brick wall at the end; or like taking off and driving to Florida after being up for two days partying; or drag racing; or drag racing through a stop sign. (you had to be really good to do that and not get hit.. I never got hit) OH I should mention all the above STUPID STUPID STUPID things listed I did and that BARELY scratches the horror story surface. I am lucky. My parents weren't. I should say I am lucky with Bud because the kid has a great head on his shoulders. Dude unfortunately is mini me when it comes to personality, he won't be driving until he is 40.

I say I am not worried about Bud doing any of those things but I am worried, very worried. For every mature 16 year old on the road there are 20 kids that were just like me. Let's see how fast I can go. What happens if I am going 65 and yank up the emergency brake? Can I drink 20 beers and drive? Can I pee in church parking lots with the cops watching and not get arrested? Believe me, these things cross a kids mind at 16, 17, 18.. that is what worries me. What the other people on the road are doing.

Not to mention what my daughter will attempt to talk him into doing. Hmmm maybe I am just as unlucky as my parents after all! They should hand out Xanax prescriptions to parents when their kids start driving. Ok I am going to have a nervous break down now.

But I will leave you with pictures of my brats when they were babies.


Bud and Sis