Friday, October 19, 2007


Today is a very exciting day!!!

I bring my baby home and so does my bff! Ok Ok so she did go through roughly 11 hours of labor to have her baby and I had to wait a grueling 3 weeks to pick mine up. Her labor may have been harder but MINE was definately been LONGER!

I PROMISE update and pics later today when we get home! I mean I have to show you all the cool things I bought her right???

Ok I am going to tell you how pathetically cheap.. no that isn't it.. immature.. no that isn't it... snobbish... NO that isn't it.. WAIT I GOT IT.. you know how some people call themselves shoe snobs, or yarn snobs, or bag snobs.. cause they only get the very very best?

I am NOT a hotel snob! Don't get me wrong I love a good hotel as much as the other person the nice fluffy bed.. the wonderful pillows the nice lounge, but I just can't sleep while I am there! I have been gone from home for a week.. a whole week in which each day I became more and more tired due to less and less sleep! Last night.. I stopped in my travel to get the baby in a side of the road Super 8 Motel that cost all of $50 a small fraction of the cost of my normal homes away from homes and I slept like a baby! They even gave me.. as in FREE.. FOR NOTHING .. I HANDED OVER NO EXTRA MONEY for a wonderful bowl of FROOT LOOPS this morning!!!! Can you ask for more than that???

SMOOCH AND ONE LHK to the one who gets the importance of a good bowl of FROOT LOOPS!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

well... we are at least getting somewhere

After the sister persons nice comment about Pinky that is OUT ... OUT I TELL YOU OUT!

So we are looking at Tippy..

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

a newer picture

The days are getting close now! I am getting more nervous more excited more restless.

One of my best friends is pregnant.. due any day. (I am secretly hoping that Friday is her day) Wouldn't that be fun!

Oh and the waterman is leaning towards Pinky.. I am not all that thrilled about that one, but it is his job.