Saturday, May 5, 2007

Hide and Go Seek

Sorry.. I was hiding and I think that no one was seeking!

No really I wasn't hiding I have just been busy. Spring is always a very busy time of year around these parts. People are always bringing boats to be worked on and of course there is the two we have that need to be worked on as well!

I am headed to breakfast with Joe this morning so again this is going to be a short post but wanted you to know I am alive and well.

PS does anyone know how to cook shikabobs so that the meat is tender yet the veggies are done??

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Good Morning!!!

Yes I know I am late sorry. I ended up coming home last night instead of today. I am very glad about that. I was not glad about the major headache I had last night when I got home. It rained on me for about 2 hours.. driving in the dark and the rain is not fun, but I PLOWED through it.

I stopped by here yesterday..Got Gauge not the website the actual house. Bosco gave me "the eye" for outing him as the killer. Sophia tried to see if I tasted like the traitor I was by licking me.. repeatedly.. with hot stinky doggie breath licks. They forgave me a little I suppose because they allowed their Mom to hand over some yard I am going to make a few bags with.

First I have decided that I AM going to make this. Newest ProjectWill get started at some point this evening.

Right now I have boat issues to deal with.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happy One Month Anniversary to ME.

Ok Ok to US.

It has been one month of bliss. I would say the honeymoon still isn't over.

I go to DC tomorrow for two days. Monthly meetings. Fun. I have decided that they are a lot like the WWF in suits. You know .. back stabbing, bad refs, people thinking they are in control that aren't, the good guys, the bad guys, all the fun of wrestling minus the fake blood, ladder, tables and chairs.. WAIT we have tables and chairs!!

Seriously though it isn't all bad I happen to like wrestling (please don't tell the Waterman this it may be grounds for divorce) and I get to see my WONDERFUL WONDERFUL Boss and I get to see my sister so that makes it good.

On the bad side I have to leave the Waterman, the Binky Boo and the Dude until Thursday night. That part STINKS.

If by some chance I don't update for two days.. NOW you know why.

Monday, April 30, 2007


We may be in need of legal services here in Mathews County. I think my sweet little Binky girl may just have a violent side.

I woke up this morning to a horrid scene of a murdered pink doggie. Guts were everywhere! I will have nightmares about this for ages..

I heard a year or so ago that Sophia had good legal representation over at Got Gauge during the Sheepie murder investigation, however, I think it was found that her legal counsel, Bosco, was the actual killer.

Things are going well here in the water world! Especially since we now have running water in the house again. Yes I make that sound like we have been without water for weeks on end. In all honesty it was only for a few hours this morning.. but STILL! The waterman knows more than just working on the water.. apparently he can work on THE WATER too. After completely gutting (what is it with gutting around here today) the pump house he put everything back and we now have pressure!! I think I stood in the shower for an extra 5 minutes this evening in complete udder awe because I had forgotten what that actually felt like! Have I mention lately how much I love this man!!! The man who gives me WATER!

We are going to watch the Farce of the Penquins now.. Someone remind me to give this man extra kisses tonight!