Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hi they Ho there Jose there!

Yea it is all underlined and I don't know WHY.. crap.

Yea I let this blog go.. on purpose sorta. Moved on to other things in my life like facebook farming, photography and massive amounts of Jose consumption. I mean seriously what is life without Jose.

Now on to now.. I met an amazing group of ladies that made me want to get back into this whole bloggy business so here I am. I would promise to do better and what not but I can't make such promises as most of the time when I am in front of this thing it is in a Jose Induced State. Will well call it JIS .. just cause JIS sounds pretty cool.

So anyway back to the bloggy ladies.. they had VA Blogfest 09 and I missed 99% of it cause well it was a this and a that and this and oh yea THAT weekend.. so I will leave you with pictures of the biggest event of that weekend..