Friday, October 30, 2009

Creepy Crawlers....

I went out on an little adventure with a good friend a few months back and we ran into a little old barn that was tucked into the woods... not sure how we didn't run into HER at the same time but we didn't. Which is probably a good thing cause my little crew was poking and prying just a tad deeper and running into someone would have surely caused an accident of the PIMP kind.

I am not sure what the little barn was ever used for other than storage but a couple of things have called it home over the years. One being this little creepy crawly... good think she didn't see it.. or it is a shame she didn't and I wasn't there to record the spidey dance that I am sure she does so well.

I loved how the sun light was playing on the web and just made it pop right out.. thankfully this little creepy crawly liked napping in the sun and didn't try to get any closer to me or I may have had to fling something at it.. like my friend.

Now we all know I am not one to leave well enough alone. I can't just take the damn picture and walk away. I have got to know. I HAVE to know or I lay awake at night wondering, was there a body in there. Did I just run across someone's torture chamber and walked away. Has someone stashed the stole bank loot in that little building?? Yes I actually stay awake thinking these things. (I am starting to think I need to consult a professional) Oh Oh either way.. I was not going to allow myself to do such a thing on this little building so... WHAALAA..

There you have it folks... there was a body in there .. sorta.
Happy Halloween Eve!