Saturday, April 7, 2007

New Life.. New Wife.. New Blog!

It is a time for new beginings and renewing old things. Spring what a wonderful time of year. Things always seem a little brighter.. at least to me anyway. One of the new things in my life is my wonderful, handsome, wonderful, loving, wonderful, sweet, wonderful husband! Did I mention how wonderful he is? We were married on April 1st, yes April Fool's day! There is a story behind that but that is for another day. The wonderful husband will for here on out will be refered to as The Waterman, just giving you a heads up.

Another new thing.. this blog. I figure as long as I am starting a new life I may as well blog about it. I mean everyone gives a shit about a waterman's wife's life right? Just say you do OK? ok.. good.

Next new thing.. I am going to be a Mommy again on Monday!!! Granted this brat will have four legs and the biggest ears that you ever did see. And she is all mine!!! Oh wait I am married now I have to share her don't I? Hmmm he did buy her FOR ME so does that mean I have to share her?? I don't want to share her. I want her to love me and only me! I am married now and that means we are a team and there is no "I" in team.. BUT WAIT.. there is a "ME" if you jumble it up a bit! There problem solved! Maybe I will knit The Waterman a pair of socks and he won't notice that I am not sharing the puppy! That reminds me...

The next new thing.. ok so that isn't exactly new but it is new for me this year. I am starting to knit again. I will have WIP's and WFN's really soon! Pictures will be a must.. and that reminds me of the NEXT new thing..

I told you there are LOTS of new things happening right now. I am going to challenge myself to take at least ONE picture every day. I do NOT have a good camera at the moment it is just an elcheapo digital camera but until I can prove to myself that I can take pictures every day I will not be dropping the $1500 on the camera and lenses that I want so badly.

There are lots of things for me to blog about and I have only been married 6 days.. but for tonight I am done.