Saturday, January 2, 2010

The end of this....

I moved! to HERE!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Toes in the water ass in the sand....

Ok fine my toes are actually on a dash board but the point is.. on Friday the last day of the year 2009 is the last holiday that I care to celebrate until Island Time... so I want to skip the rest of the cold months please.

Granted I have about 50 lbs of work to do in those cold months but if we can make the cold disappear maybe we can work that magic on the spare tire I am sick of carrying around with me. There is always hope right.. of course.. where there is wine there is hope! That could also be drunken stupidity but I prefer to call it hope that is just much nicer to say.

As I sit here and try to figure out what else to say about hope and not coming up with a damn thing..... and after spending 15 minutes bitching to Kitty Litter about my lack of inspiration this morning I realize that Kitty Litter has a new beach chair for Island Time one that I had hoped to try out for myself (you never know when you will fall in love with a good beach chair) I also seem to remember that she very specifically stated that my ass was NOT to plop itself in it.... I am starting to think that some other people need to get to hoping... hoping that I don't hold that against them or they will be making baconless BLT's on their cute little table all alone.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Just a little late.... as usual...

Scenes of the Season....

In typical Re fashion.. I am posting pictures of my holiday close to 5 days later. What can I say it is just how I am! I figured today would be a good day to post these shots as I am taking down the "stuff" today and this will be my final HOORA for the Christmas part of it. So today... you get to view a Waterwife's Christmas.. yippie fun I know...

I took this Christmas morning when I was the only one awake.. I don't think I slept all night. I was more excited than the kids!

I then peeked out the door and saw the MOST gorgeous sky... my present.. a pink and orange sky... sisters even in nature...

I walked in the house to find a mummy laying on my sofa... poor guy... I woke him up at 4 am.. we didn't go to bed until 2 am...

Yea I am shocked at this shot.. NOT!!!!! dang kid people will start to think your face melted off or something!!!!

Before the kids got to it... how did the present stack end up the size of the tree????

De.. she loved all of her things even if I was working off of a BLANK LIST... good mommy I am.
Cousins.... my beautiful niece and daughter snuggling up with Waterman waiting for present time...
Upside down guitars.... not sure why they put the amps in the TOP of the box when it says to leave the heavy end down.. weird.
Binks stocking.... see the fox.. that comes into play later...
Niece who happens to LOVE shoes... any shoe all shoes.. but even more so expensive ones with heels.
STUPID DOG... if you just sit here and look pretty someone will SHOW you everything you got...

Brother Ken.... You can take the the fox hunter out of the woods but you can't take the fox hunter out of my daddy... really the dogs toy??? Give her that back..

This was MY Christmas present from Drake... I believe the quote was... I will stand here but you better get it right the first time cause you get one shot. Nice kid... but as you can see he DOES have a face..


Monday, December 28, 2009

What happens when water people hook up....

People have fun that's what!!!!!

Please excuse the weird color tones.. my printer has gone NUTS and is printing everything VERY I had to lighten this to even get it to print so you could see it... damn it.

This one was cute.. even if I do look like rudolph with the bright light flying off my nose..

Ok if you can't smile with these two around... you have a serious case of the GRUMPIES.. which no one seemed to have yesterday.

GROUP HUG!!! lol

I would explain that... but well.. yea.. can't.
Even Little waterpeople found things to do ..
Yes we planned the matching colors... so did BHE and Noe Noe.. look above .. LOL
And last but NOT least.... we were SEXY SOME in the wonky teeth.. I think the waterman hit on one of the other girls.. but I believe night time and a paper bag were mentioned and even then it was iffy....


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I am here... again...

and it hasn't even been a month yet. Kitty Litter would be proud.

Can I just go on record saying I have a love hate relationship with this time of year?

I adore the season and have deep roots in the reason for the season even if sometimes those roots pop up and go different directions it is still there. My grandparents instilled some great things in me. I adore the lights and the pretty packages and the simple little surprises. Like one of the breakfast girls who surprised us all this morning with tiny stockings filled with the cutest little cocktail thingies (yes that is the proper name of them) for all of us making sure we each had a different set. Those things I love. I love the anticipation of small children and large ones too wondering what Santa will bring. I love the fact that friends try to spend a few extra hours together.

I hate the emotion that comes with it. Hate Hate Hate it. When thing go awry this time of year it hurts even worse. Things are said and feelings are hurt worse. I am sorry for somethings I have done not sorry at all for others but I still hate it.

Please tell me it is close to Christmas Eve so I can pop a cork!!!!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I was told I stink at this.....

Must say it is pretty much the truth. But when I sit down at the keyboard and try to make the words form together to make some sort of sense lately it has come out looking like this...

"#$%$# christmas close #$%# shopping #$%# sleep #$%#@ work #$%$#@ wrap #$%@#"

See absolutely NO SENSE.

Ok the truth is when I sit down and begin to write the thought that really goes through my head is... "NO ONE wants to hear THAT!" What I should do at this juncture is reply to myself with "Who cares exactly what they want to read... this isn't about THEM it is YOUR blog!!!" And to think I was accused this week of being selfish... sigh. To quote "You are the most selfish person to ever walk this Earth." I must say I didn't reply I just stood there blinking that blink that betrays your brains sense of thinking "don't say anything don't say anything!" instead those eyes blink... big beautiful blue ones I might add.. blink. blink. blink. Which shouts "DROP DEAD YOU #$%@# IDIOT" apparently, because the rant went on from there. I am sorry I don't deal well with holier than thou idiots even if they ARE family.

I am who I am .. I was born this way have been this way for 38 years now, I have a feeling I will die this way, except for when I die I will be 50 lbs lighter and not in a bathrobe but in kick ass jeans, a sexy Chico's top, cowboy boots and the last you will see of me is driving off into the sunset in a black Camero... Hey we can all have dreams right?

Did I mention that the most selfish person in the world is the sister of the most giving person in the world. Sister person, let me post out here publicly for all the world to see.. I LOVE YOU. Thank you for everything... my room is working quite nicely here in Bavon (other than the fact that there are PEOPLE in my room here that weren't there .. that part not working out so well can I send them away??) The clothes are looking lovely in my closet. I sigh when I walk in there now .. longing for the day, inspiring me another morning to not eat that friggin doughnut that has been calling me since 2 am.

It is wonderful to have such balance in our family.. Most Giving Sister and Most Selfish Sister fun isn't it! We always said if they mashed us together into one person the world just wouldn't be able to deal!

I shall leave now.. until my bff fusses at me to leave a new post because she is sick of the old one.. so I guess be back in roughly 2 weeks.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November is about Thanksgiving right..

and I am so thankful that these people were in my life, thankful for every moment that was ever given to me to enjoy them and what they had to give. I miss them all incredibly... but especially this month.

Roland I can't even begin to tell you how much this family misses you.
Happy Birthday Brother in Law.

Dad... what can I say..
Both of us has all we need
Sky of blue and Sea of Green
In our Yellow Submarine.
thank you for everything you taught me and that sister of mine.
We love you.

Memo.. even though we miss you every day this time of year it never fails to show how much we all miss you. Thanksgiving and Christmas have never been the same.

Mel Moo.. I wish there had been more time, more laughs, more late nights, but there aren't so I will cherish all that we did have. Ann Re

Pansy Boy.. you are still making me cry after all these years. There just never was a box big enough was there?

ugly hand made smock with the big wooden button. I am glad you are gone.