Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Friday.. a walk.. a ride.. and a number

Hey everyone!

Happy Friday and a smooch to ya. Holiday on Monday three day weekend WOOHOO!

I don't have food pictures. Well I do but it is just roast beef.. you don't really need to see roast beef do ya?

If ya do I will show ya.

But what I really want you to see is the tickers at the very bottom of the screen. The weight one is good.. it shows you how much I lost.. and yes how much my fat ass weighed when I stated this. And I working towards a goal some say is unrealistic.. but honestly I am not firmly set in that.. it is just a goal. It can be changed.

The other.. will not be changed that is my ultimate goal. I am walking and riding my way to 1000 miles. In the last month I have gone from a 4 mile bike ride to a 16. I have gone from walking a 20 minute mile and 3 miles to a 15 minute mile and walking 5. It clears my head.. it makes me feel so great.. The waterman thinks I go to far.. that I push to hard. But i will be a fabulous 40.. and not a FLABulous 40 LOL

Smooch to you guys..