Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Yea well.. what exactly can I say

I stink at having fans.

To all of you that keep coming back to only see the same damn message ... SMOOCH! Bunches of them.

I am in the final count down in this semester.. finals next week. Work has gone completey NUTS.. along with my youngest who by the way just turned 10 yesterday, (where do the years go???) who is driving the awesome waterman that way very quickly.

I honestly do not have my shit together at the moment. I honestly do not know how to get shit together.. I am not sure I want to learn how.. that just seems gross. Where did that phrase come from.. getting ones shit together. Why would I want to know if you had yours together or why would you want to know that I had mine together???

or worse.. why would you want to know that I DON'T have my shit together.. does that mean I have shit all over in little piles?

Does this give any of you a peek into my state of mind at the moment????