Friday, August 7, 2009


For those of you who did not watch Third Rock from the Sun.. that is "The Big Head" their leader was known as the Big Head in the Sky... I liked it.. yes I am weird.

So no matter who you thank for it.. it is Friday and quite honestly I think we should all be thanking OURSELVES, after all WE were the ones who made it through another fun filled week at work or raising children or babying husbands or sitting around drinking Jose in our underwear. I am sure that we all worked HARD to get to the weekend, very hard. Now it is here and I am realizing that I have 2,489 things that must be done this weekend because *GASP* Monday is right around the corner. I want to ask when does this end but I am not ready for the alternative yet so I will keep on sitting around drinking Jose in my underwear working really hard to make it to the next Friday in order to do the 2,489 things that are required during the weekend to ensure readiness for Monday.

Yesterday I did actually complete a weekend task. I cut out yard for the first time ever. The waterman has been leery of his wife mounting the Wheel Horse since I met him. I mean come on I have been cutting grass since I was old enough to see over the steering wheel of the antique mower my daddy had and seriously there was only that one incident with the tree... ok ok yes only one with a tree.. only one with a ditch.. only one with a dog .. only one with a rose bush. Do you see the pattern here.. ONE.. I learn quickly from my mistakes! So I assured him I had it under control and by the time he got home the yard would be all cut. It was and it looked nice and it did not erupt into flames and there was just that ONE incident with the mailbox!

Happy Friday all.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Some times I just don't have the energy ...

to even breathe. Today is one of those days. Could it be the moon that is doing it? Or just the fact that Jose doesn't taste as good here. Who knows.

Today is my wonderful husband's birthday. We are both working... isn't that how you are supposed to spend your birthday when you are officially old? What did I get him you ask... a card. Hey now.. not one word from the peanut gallery! That is exactly what he got me a mere two weeks ago on MY birthday. Yea we are giving like that.

I want to tell you a funny story.. I want to share with you some enlightening news... I want to give to you a heart felt monologue but instead I give you this....

Cause the truth is ... I just don't have the energy to think something up.. it HAS to be the heat doing this.. RIGHT??