Thursday, September 10, 2009


I can at least say I did post....

So busy with work can't see straight... be back soon.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Some days I wonder...

Why I can't make my living with a pen and paper... or camera and film... or a craft room and many supplies ... or with the internet and well... this!

Well I will tell ya why.. Cause I am a big fat chicken! I am afraid to take that step that leap off of the side of the cliff to say I do _______. Even if it is on the side for now. Apparently it is easier for me to just dream about it. The problem is every year this time Market Days rolls around and every year is another year that I do not have a booth with something I made or did in it. Would you believe that after 38 years I still have no confidence in myself? That I would be the booth that people walked by and laughed at?? 38 years ago and still that 12 year old little girl who wouldn't put her foot out the door cause she knew that someone was going to laugh at her shoe! (granted my mother dressed me funny so I can't blame them but still)

I have 10 months from today to get it together once again and bring to Mathews something new.. something different ..something completely 21st century. Mathews Blogher/photography/craft/framing/you name it, it is here Womans Club of 2010!

I am certainly not talking about your Grandma's Woman's Club cause I do not know any of us who quilt (not that there is anything wrong with that if there are) but what if.. just what if it happened.. what if there was a group that was here for each other and the community who had talent real live talent and gave back to Mathews? What could we change.. how could we help each other and other women who need it.. what could we produce as a group with the talent that is out there.

Oh hell what if it was just two of us.. what could those two do?