Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy .....

Birthday Baby Boy! You thought I was going to say New Year didn't you.

17 years ago today I had my oldest son.. exactly 7 hours and 17 minutes ago. He was born at 0:00:00 between December 30 and 31.. 24 hours later and he would have been the first baby for 98 in the world. I actually was given the opportunity to pick which day he was born on because when the nurses entered it in the computer it would not give a date for that time and the Dr swore it was not a second before or after it was dead on. So.. given that little gem I picked the 31st because no matter how old he is or where he is.. there will ALWAYS be a party on his birthday. I am such a cool mom.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Days go by...

(that song is so stuck in my head but that is the only piece I remember so hang tight a second)

And days go by...
I can feel 'em flyin'
Like a hand out the window in the wind.
The cars go by...
Yeah it's all we've been given,
So you better start livin' right now
'Cause days go by...
Oh and a woo-hoo...

Ok that is better.. I like that little woo-hoo at the end. In case some of you don't know I happen to dabble in photography a bit. I doubt I will ever have the eye that these wonderful ladies do...

Chesapeake Bay Woman


The Pioneer Woman

but I still enjoy it so bare with me .. k?

I took on a task a couple of months ago of turning my cousins slides into digital images, you know updating technology from the 60's to well... now. Fun stuff. I will never ever turn down a job like this because of the teasures that one might happen across .. such as a photo of ones grandfather actually working his boat.. or photos of ones great grandfather doing the same.. (I use too many ... )

But while CBW and I have a love for just pieces of scenery around the county I have found a love of "days gone by.." that does not even being to touch this county today. It makes me long for those days and family members who have passed many years ago. It makes me long for a turn around of the fishing industry of the days of yester year.

I did a bit of retouching (not nearly enough due to the damage to the original but it was good enough for a 5 minutes job if you are looking at a 4x6) on some of these slides and plan on making a display in my home and sharing them here. The picture for today brings tears to my eyes not only for color of the day but the sight of this particular day on the bay that I fear will never been seen again by my generation and quite possibly ever...


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is the glass half old ....

..or is it half young.

Today is the first day of the vacation. I am up with the chickens. I think that is part of the old part. However, I stayed up really late last night like I was half young! Then again I am going to need a nap this afternoon not sure if that is part REALLY young or REALLY old.

I have decided that this age our generation is currently circling around is quite possibly the best of both worlds .. let me list for you the reasons.

1. We can stay up REALLY late and be ok.. even if you drink a couple of eggnogs.
2. You can still get up early and make it to work on time if you do 1.
3. You can take a nap the afternoon after doing 1. and no one will say anything about it.. cause it is not an every day occurrence as of yet.
4. If you happen to not enjoy where you are or what is happening during 1. you can beg of by saying I need to get to bed so I can 2. and no one will call you lame.
5. We have no yet begun to forget things yet.. (ok just a couple but not ALL the time)
6. We are young enough to go outside to play with our kids in the snow and still young enough to not have to spend the following week in bed after wards and old enough to appreciate the fact that we still can take the kids in a snow ball fight.
7. We are young enough to still enjoy Christmas with family and friends..( WHY DO I HEAR A COYOTE HOWLING THIS TIME OF MORNING???) and old enough to appreciate the times past that we spent with family and friends who are no longer with us.

I could continue for quite a bit.. but I need a nap.


Monday, December 22, 2008


Today is the last day I work officially until January 5th. I say officially because taking my blackberry away from me would be like reaching in with your bare hand and ripping someones heart out. Meaning it would cause a lot of pain and ultimately end in death for someone. (keep in mind the one feeling the pain and dying not necessary be me.. I am quite a scrapy character when you go messing with my communications.)

You want to know what I am going to do on my vacation.. nothing.. nada.. not a DAMN thing. Why because I travel every week as it is, being home will be a nice change.

I do know that some of my buddies are going to breakfast Saturday after Christmas and that is honestly going to the be the highlight of my time off. Speaking of which.. Hey Tracy.. wanna go?

I wish everyone a safe and happy Holiday.. I say holiday not cause I don't want to say Christmas but because I have too many friends celebrating too many things and find it hard to spell them all.. me it will be Christmas.

Smoochies to you all!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


I am not deleting or hiding or anything.. sorry I panicked I kept thinking CRAP if Tracy found it who else has found it .. which led to images of my children reading this and I honestly did not know if I had said anything over the last year or so that give them serious nightmares. So I went and did a quick search and found ... are you ready for this.. ONE SENTENCE in the entire thing that may send them running!! And actually it was a piece of a sentence. It is all removed.

Don't ask me what it was that would defeat the purpose.

but I am here, I am back and I am going to try to keep this thing updated on some regular basis. I mean after all it is Christmas and miracles can happen.

Smoochies Guys!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

As soon as I figure it out..

This whole thing is deleted.

I made a mistake

I posted on a local girls blog using my real blogger id.. and now people have found me. I had no intention of anyone ever really finding this other than the people I pointed here but alas they have. All good things must come to an end and all.. so it is the beginning of a new era here on the water.. one in which I have to watch what I say and about who.. or at the very least use code words! By the way.. HI TRACY! HI ROBBY!

So it is time to blow the dust off the publish post button in blogger and carry on with my story.. my fun.. my life as a waterman's wife.. smooches to all!

And by the way... Katy.. Monkling.. Kim-D I still love ya'll..

(footnote: I really don't mind people finding me.. it gives me a reason to think up new stories.. and may take a picture or two)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hello my lovelies!!!!

How the hell is everyone.. me BUSY BUSY BUSY.
Still fat.. just not AS fat.. but trying to get in gear to work out the rest of the issue.

Now.. work.. oh. dear. god. there enough said.

Traveling EVERY WEEK.. I miss my man.

Sorry so short but at least it is a smooch right???



That is all.. Happy now?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Well this is different..

This post started out weird.. It was a reply to another blog post so it is going to read funny until you get to the point it says Cutting and Pasting Here.

Quite funny your post today is about writing her story.. I have begun thinking (wondering if begun is a word right now) that maybe it is time.. to put it on paper. My story. My life. From the day my mother got the good news followed very quickly by the bad. I have even written the first paragraph in my head..

I will tip you off on the good and bad news she got.
On a hot July day.. the 18th exactly someone looked at her and said. "Congratulations you have a healthy baby (good news part) GIRL (bad news part)!"

I will not be doing it on my blog. It will be in a book/slash journal format. To no one in particular but mainly written by me for my kids to read when I am gone. So they will know ME. Not Mama.. but me. (I am thinking now I will come back here tomorrow and copy this entire post and use it for my blog post) I think I will bare it all for them.. the fact that I loved my husband for 17 years but was too stupid or stuborn to return here and fight or even stand for what I wanted in my life. I think they should know how bad I really was.. but they should also know that I am a real person too with feelings and emotions. I think they should know the way it felt in my heart the day I walked away from two of them or how my life was in shambles at the age of 18..

I still think that I will hide it all in a safety deposit box for them to read only when I am dead. I think I will leave explicit instructions that the words are for them only and that the only time they can share my words is to their children when they die with more instructions that they are only to be handed down to the next generation of children after dying. I think maybe after 10 generations that the paper will have turned to dust kinda like me... and no one will care anymore but what matters is that my kids knew me.

I don't know my mother. I wish sometimes I did. I doubt I ever will.. she doesn't have the guts to bare it all. I guess I don't either not until I am gone.

My post just turned into a complete blog post...

Cutting and pasting here.

I may have a hard time getting my words on paper because I will have to hide and sneak. I know that sounds horrible and rude but I really don’t want anyone to read these words right now. Not until I can face them myself. I will have to find the perfect spot to hide my journal and find the perfect time to write. I think they are musts in order for me to put me on paper. I know there will be moments of sheer laughter.. Like the day that someone very very special to me shoved me OUT OF THE WAY and jumped in the truck right beside MY MAN. That was pay back for something.. I think I had accidentally done that to her (maybe on purpose) a day or two before. I am sure there will be moments of tears as I walk through losing loved ones that left too soon and some that lingered long after they wished they were gone. I am sure there will be panic as I face some of the times in my life that I have shoved into the darkest corners of my mind swearing they will never be dug out.

I know you are thinking that I should share my thoughts here. If I am bold enough to type this then I should be able to finish it.. Think about it this way.. Think of a grain of sand .. One grain. Now think of all the sand on the earth... Think of that one grain of sand in relation to all the sand on the earth.. There. You see.. That is what I just gave you. One grain of sand... Ok maybe 10.


Friday, June 6, 2008

Learning the Difference...

Discouraged? No.. TIRED?? YES. Apparently what I needed was a break. A break from exercise and worry about how much I ate.. or in my case recently how little I ate.

Two days I took off.. two day in which I ate a half a slice of bread at a restaurant and GASP a muffin from Starbucks. Both were on a whim nibbling BUT I seriously had GREAT reason.. can you say NO POWER.. Wednesday night storms hit the DC area and I swear all but ONE restaurant closed. Thankfully the one open is one of my favorite places in the world to eat. Yes I said the world. However there was a small issue.. EVERYONE IN 100 MILE RADIUS had to come there for dinner. It was PACKED but lovely just the same.. so while waiting on my meal they brought the bread (which co workers said yes to.. not me) and it stared at me.. with HUGE EYES!! I stared right back and I could feel the bread winning the staring contest so before I blinked or looked away I stared at it.. SCREAMED HA!!!! right into it's huge eyes and squashed the whole half a piece right in my mouth! (oh fyi for those of you who want me to be working on the fat issue.. I put butter on it first.. aren't you proud) So you see.. i was starving.. literally. The yogurt I had for breakfast was LONG gone and the beef onion and peppers for lunch which was about MAYBE 3/4 a cup worth was way way gone.. the bread it kept me from eating off of my neighbors plate which I honestly thought about. (Brother in law had some awesome looking pasta stuff and his friend had what appeared to be a fish with pecans on top and her husband OMG the steak that man had) But the half a piece of bread held me over.

Now on to that muffin. When I got up yesterday STILL NO POWER. Which meant NO COFFEE before leaving the house and attempting to get ready via flashlight. It was not a pretty sight.. what wasn't pretty you ask? ME I WAS A WRECK. I think it had more to do with the no coffee than it did the power. I mean it was daylight after all. So I get in the car HOPING that someone at the office has had mercy on those of us less fortunate people who have no power and made extra coffee, when what to my eyes does appear.. a wonderful glow.. a shine sooo bright I thought that maybe THE JC may have made it back.. No not Johnny Cash.. but close. It was a brightly lit STARBUCKS sign. I drove over two medians and I think I might have bumped an old lady trying to get to that Starbucks but I made it. Signing the praises of the electric people who obviously needed the coffee after a long night of working so they lit her up. My nose carried me to the door where a rather long line awaited their morning crack in a cup but did I care no. I stood there like I imagine a H addict does and the methadone clinic.. nervously looking around.. biting my nails.. fiddling with my shirt. I mean come on they could run out at any second and I may not get my fix! But alas I made it to the front of the line to the register where my stomach went GROWL!!!!! and the nice lady behind the counter said.. "Oh dear you must be starving dear.. here have a Cranberry Orange Muffin, that will fix you right up!" And she shoved that muffin right in my mouth. I swear she did.. all of it.. and would not let me spit it out.. none of it.. she made me eat it.. forced me.. twisted my little finger and all. (and those of you work people who might read this... you did NOT see me at my desk with a muffin.. that wasn't a muffin it might have looked like I voluntarily brought a muffin into work and cried as I ate it at my desk due to pure delight but seriously that is NOT WHAT YOU SAW)

Speaking of Starbucks. I will be doing some pictures tomorrow. I have a present I need to show you .. I just need to figure out how to take the picture and have it look right. I love presents.

It is Friday. I have lost 35 lbs.. 35 lbs.. I am happy.. I am very happy.

Oh and there will be jeans stories tomorrow.. and maybe a story about a pair of pants that need to be given away.

SMOOCH YOU LOVELIES.. and the next time I say I am discouraged come right back here and tell me.. are you SURE????

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


why is it soooo easy to get discouraged. I am down.. quite down. I have some crap going on.. with the kid.. but that doesn't have me down. My dang weight has me down. I am not losing the way I want to.. I have got to get over this and just keep going.. keep pedaling.. keep stepping.. it will work out.


Monday, June 2, 2008


APPARENTLY this is the 100th post. 100. I didn't realize I had so much to say. Well technically today I don't.

I didn't take pictures this week. This is the first time in weeks I did not take pictures. So I will have my daughter take them when she gets home. I was busy enjoying the weekend. Sorry.

I honestly don't have that much to say today. Weekend was GREAT... spent one day at the beach one day at the pool. The kids are slightly pink this morning. I am just slightly more browned as Dude told me yesterday. The kid.. has his own name for things.. we have a time around here trying to figure out what he is talking about sometimes, but even if you tell him what the real name is .. it doesn't seem logical to him so he continues to use his own terminology. Which is ok at that point cause you have already spent the three hours to figure out what the hell he is talking about.

here are a few examples.

Dude:"Mom.. my foot is tired."
Me:Umm ok how do you KNOW your FOOT is tired?
Dude: "Cause it is tingling"
Me: No Dude.. it is asleep.. not tired
Dude:"Well I can't tell my foot is asleep but it feels TIRED"
Me:Umm ok.

Overheard during a thunder storm:
Dude: "Mom, if a thunder shock hits you can it kill you?"
Me: A what?"
Dude: " a thunder shock"
Me: Thunder is the noise you hear.. it can't hit you.
Dude.. "NOOOOO not the noise the shock part you see."
Me: "Oh lightening. Yes it can kill you."
Dude.. "Oh ok so you wouldn't want a thunder shock to hit you then."
Me.. SIGH.. yes you would NOT want a thunder shock to hit you.

One night watching TV this little heated discussion took place

Dude: Hand me a cupboard
Me: a what?
Dude: a cupboard
Me: (thinking I was hearing him incorrectly) A WHAT?
Me: (now knowing I heard correctly but still had no clue what he was talking about) Umm WHAT??? WHAT ARE YOU ASKING ME FOR?? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND YOU.
Dude: FORGET IT! I WILL GET IT MYSELF. (gets up from floor walks straight towards me leans over coffee table picks up object holds in it my face) A CUP BOARD!!!!!!
Me: (after seeing the object) OHHHH A COASTER
Dude: " A CUP BOARD.. A CUP BOARD.. (holds up his cup.. holds up the coaster, shows me his cup.. says.. CUP.. shows me the coaster (which is made of wood) says BOARD... puts cup on coaster) A CUP BOARD.

There are more.. many more.. but I have decided to forget them or I would end up talking like.. like.. like I am half crazy yet logical.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Upside Down You're Turning Me.. (music note.. music note)

So thanks to a buddy I remembered a little picture I never used here.. My baby is now full grown and a whooping 7 lbs. To me she is huge. But back in the day when she was still a itty bitty little thing. I witnessed this one day while watching her sleep.

It started like this.. I noticed her head was kinda tucked in between the cushions a bit. Feet stuck up. I thought awwwww how cute.

But then.. minutes later.. the awwww how cute turned into THIS:

There are just no words to express the feelings I had that day. This was completely unprompted, unaided, and caused uncontrollable laughter. She stated that way for a very very long time.. just hanging out napping. She did not seem to mind that she was completely stuck until she woke up.. then she cried.. cause her feet wouldn't touch anything so she couldn't get out.

Ok.. enough about that. I am taking another exercise day off.. my body is not liking me today at all. My muscles just ache.. my tummy aches.. had a headache last night. I really need to invest in some pamprin or something of the like. Which actually it is a good day to feel like crap. The weather is crap. Major wind.. drizzly.. dreary.. gloomy.. not even getting to 70 today. So at least I feel ok about taking the day off.. it isn't like I am wasting a beautiful day or I am stuck in the house wanting out and it is nasty out. So I feel like mother nature was being my day off and I can listen to her every now and then.

So dinner last night.. it is going to look at A LOT like dinner tonight. (I have leftovers)

Let me tell you it was GOOD. and no that is not the same beef as the other night. I picked up a couple of Sirloins yesterday at the store and marinated them a bit then grilled away. The veggies.. were AWESOME.. I had tomatos, zucs, squash, mushrooms, pepper and onion in there. I will have that again tonight I am sure. I have those veggies in the fridge. I may add a little broccilli as a side as well. I am still debating the whole beef once a week thing.. that just seems stupid to me now for some reason. Very stupid. Thoughts?

So everyone have a GREAT DAY! oh and..


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My hands are puffy...

That is a good sign of water retention right? And honestly I did not get in all my water yesterday. I was concerned of drinking tons of water in a public place where the bathrooms of the times were... out houses.

Ok so the day started out like any other... (hear a tire screeching noise in your head right here ok?)

I know you are shocked right.. well in that cup is brewed Pike's Place which I have not decided if I like or not yet, a shot of SF Mocha and some heavy cream. It was good.

We then made our way over to Colonial Williamsburg.. it was such a pretty day. These pics we snapped right after getting there.

This is where we were.. SEEEEE.. I don't like that outfit as much in pictures as I did in the mirror.. sigh.

This is the daughter she did not want me to take this picture. I didn't want the one taken of me with the clip in the top of my head either but apparently she has one on her phone.

And this is yet another picture of me where I DO NOT smile. Don't ask me why.. I just don't.. I feel like I am smiling but on the outside I am not. No I am not Joan Rivers I can feel my face still but apparently I don't know what a smile feels like.

Oh and yes I do know I have 80's hair band hair. It just isn't AS big anymore. I can still make it look that way I just choose not to.

So then My BFF gets there and OFF we go..

First we went and bought these:

That is a three ring friendship ring the two hands open up to reveal a heart inside. We are going to try to get the hearts engraved by our local jewelers. Ya.. that way when they are together they say Ya Ya.

Oh whoops I actually forgot my FIRST purchase of the day. Some of you know that I collect Starbucks Coffee Cups.. well this was the days' real first purchase

Notice it is pink.. AND it was on sale for like $4! You never find Starbucks mugs for $4.

Ok back to the trip.. let's see next was lunch .. WARNING WILL ROGERS! YOU ARE ABOUT THE ENTER A FORCE FIELD OF FOOD.

I wanted this.. When I read the name of the dish...

It is a good thing I continued reading cause it was FULL of fruit. I would not have been happy with that choice when it made it to the table. So BFF's friend ordered it. We will call her Lucy.

There there was THIS little concoction.

I came VERY close to this one.. (hold the bread and onions please) Alas again.. I retreated. My BFF ended up with this one with the promise I got a bite of it.. I did and it was GOOD..

This one..

I had NO DESIRE for at ALL.. none zero zlitch. This was the daughters lunch. The french fries didn't even look good at the moment.

So I suppose you want to know what I ended it with right..

drum roll please

it was VERY VERY GOOD. I was pleased with my menu choice and even more pleased when the shrimp arrived at the table on top of the salad and you could see them. Sometimes you have to play hide and seek for them in your salad at certain places but not here.

Then all of a sudden out of the blue.. right out of the sky.. I mean ceiling.. THIS FELL ON OUR TABLE.. I do not know how it got there or when such things started falling right on tables unprompted but apparently at this place they do.

They say that the King of Arms Tavern is haunted ( you will see a pic of that place in a sec) but this is the Season's no mention of hauntings so imagine my surprise when some bread loving spirit possessed my body picked up the spoon and ate not one.. not two.. not three but like four or FIVE bites of this little piece of heaven on earth. Funny thing about about possessions.. you can still taste what they try to eat for you. That little cheat also prompted some one to say.. hey why don't you try for a carb friendly version. I am going to.. I have an idea.. and if it works out it will be turned over to Cleo to use. She deserves the credit for any recipe I happen to come up with cause she is a great inspiration to the Low Carb World of eating.

So after we sat that like little pigs for a bit..


Left to Right.. BFFs Friend, BFF, Daugther, ME! Yes I am smiling in this picture. Maybe I don't smile much cause I look like I got a grill going on.. I promise there is nothing fake in my mouth.. no silver or gold or titanium.. it is all just teeth.. they are just white.. almost fake white but no fake going on either. Strange isn't it.

Anyway back to the trip..

Theses are random pictures that were taken..

This one is the haunted tavern.. it was closed by the time we got there. Which stunk cause we wanted to look inside. But at least we got to look at the outside. I will be making a trip back to REALLY look at things soon. I spent most of the day talking.

Apparently we talked a little too much for the others tastes cause some how we ended up in these. The rest of our group threatened to leave us there. (FYI we did look around to ensure there were no small children around prior to the making of this shot. No small children, animals or elderly were injured from gasping at the "finger fly" in these pics)

Ok.. now let's look at some of the things I came home with.

I should have taken pics of the kids and my mothers gift but I didn't. The daughter got way not Colonial things.. a cell phone case and a Webkins dog. The oldest son got a flint stone and an Iron stricker (yes he is old enough to play with such things)The youngest son got a tin flute.. that much to my dismay he likes enough to keep tooting on.. SIGH.. I went to pick him up a few things at the store last night.. they didn't have the things he wanted so that was all he got. My mother got the best gift.. a bird bottle. I loved it.. but she kept the brat so I gave it to her. :)

Now here is a pic of some of the things I got for ME.

See the wooden spoon.. it was SOOOO CUTE I had to buy it. I put it beside a tablespoon so you could get a grasp of the size. The first picture made it look like the wooden spoon you would stir say.. a large pot of stew with. But this is tiny. It is the prefect Coffee Scoop spoon. Hince why I spent the extra money on this tiny little thing I normally would not have. It is something I will use every day.. some times twice and it has a feel good feel to it.. You just feel good when you touch it. The thing that looks like cake beside it.. it isn't cake.. it is cheese.. to die for cheese. I have the rest of it hidden in the fridge for a few special occasion. I don't know what that occasion is going to be yet. It could be the fact that I wake up tomorrow.

Ok.. then I bought this stuff.. some of it Colonial Some of it Not Colonial.

The soaps.. Colonial.. the Vitamins.. there for Christin's viewing (see I do listen) the other stuff.. random purchases.

What a day it was.. filled with FUN AND FRIENDS.. how the heck can you beat that!


Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Friday.. a walk.. a ride.. and a number

Hey everyone!

Happy Friday and a smooch to ya. Holiday on Monday three day weekend WOOHOO!

I don't have food pictures. Well I do but it is just roast beef.. you don't really need to see roast beef do ya?

If ya do I will show ya.

But what I really want you to see is the tickers at the very bottom of the screen. The weight one is good.. it shows you how much I lost.. and yes how much my fat ass weighed when I stated this. And I working towards a goal some say is unrealistic.. but honestly I am not firmly set in that.. it is just a goal. It can be changed.

The other.. will not be changed that is my ultimate goal. I am walking and riding my way to 1000 miles. In the last month I have gone from a 4 mile bike ride to a 16. I have gone from walking a 20 minute mile and 3 miles to a 15 minute mile and walking 5. It clears my head.. it makes me feel so great.. The waterman thinks I go to far.. that I push to hard. But i will be a fabulous 40.. and not a FLABulous 40 LOL

Smooch to you guys..

Sunday, April 20, 2008

No I might not ever post again.. Ever

Yea I know it has been FOREVER. I make no promises here so you can't hold me to the fact that I don't post weekly or monthly. Well you can't even hold me to the fact that I don't post at all. Ever.

Sometimes I just have nothing to say.. Sometimes I have so much to say I don't know where to start.

Today I will start with today. Today I weigh much more than I should. Today I woke up. Today I ache from going to the gym and really working hard. Today is the last day I eat off plan. Today I will finish reading a book I started yesterday. Today someone annoyed me by posting a comment on a blog I don't update but yet had actually gone to the entry page this morning to write something but got side tracked. Today my kids are going bowling. Today I will do at least 100 crunches and drink 128 oz of water.

Today I posted. Are you happy now?


Friday, March 7, 2008

Dear Concerned Citizen

I have a tip for you.. if you can't get anyone to take you to the hospital it is always fun to climb the tree in the front yard and stay there until everyone else in the house realizes you are missing. (PS sometimes that takes about an hour or so.. so be sure to have something to drink with you, preferably what ever it was you were drinking prior to needing to go to the hospital) After they realize you are gone you can have much fun watching them run all over the place looking for you.

If you want you can even giggle a little .. they don't hear you.

However, my biggest piece of advise.. do not sneeze.. the limb you are on will snap just enough that you fall on your ass out of the tree.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ok Granny...

Who I have this horrible feelings is very closely related to the same Granny that answered the phone when she was 15 as "Granny" only to find out that it was her prom date calling! Talk about... HUMILIATING.

Anyway that happened way way back in the 80's and I have gotten over it (read: not really and that I still have nightmares about it) but speaking of the 80's I was transported right back to 1984 this weekend when I took Sis to the movies with 3 of her friends for her 14th birthday. They had to pick a movie age appropriate because my mother was in charge of the other girls and well their parents would get upset with her. We have very different ideas of appropriate but the girls did good and picked the movie Step Up 2. Now this was a good movie with a GREAT underlying story that is if you quit drooling over the hot guys and their delicious dancer bodies long enough to realize there was a story (read: I only noticed the story part on the way home). Anyway where I was transported was the moment the movie started. I saw their clothes.. I heard their music.. I heard the names of their crews.. I was TOLD what they were doing is called Street Dancing but I kept shaking my head muttering to myself .. no.. no.. no... no.

These hot bodies were not STREET dancing.. they were full force BREAK dancing.. what I found even funnier is that my daughter and her adorable little friends think ALL of those moves are new. HA. After the movie I wanted to go rent the movie Breakin' and turn it on mute so they would not laugh at the music and go.. SEE!!! It wasn't YOU .. it was US!!! The kids of the 80's!!! NOT YOU LITTLE PUNK ASSES, but again my mother would not have approved. So what I did instead was while the girls were in the parking lot showing each other the Pop n Lock.. (read: really screwing up the Pop n Lock) I speak up and say.. Umm girls you are doing that wrong.

What did I get for my effort. Strange blank stare by 4 girls.. followed by eye rolls by 4 girls.. followed by my daughter saying to them.. Like she would know!

What they don't know.. is that myself, my brother and my favorite cousin were all very much into it and were quite good and it doesn't matter that I am twice those little punk ass girls age.. I CAN STILL POP N LOCK BETTER THAN THEY EVER DREAMED THEY COULD.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Beans Don't burn on the grill....

Moving on up!! To the top.. to a deluxe apartment in the skyyy....

Ok Ok so the words may be a little askew there and maybe just a little backwards but you get the point. And it isn't a deluxe apartment.. and the truth is fish DO fry in our kitchen.. what does fish frying have to do with coming into money and moving up anyway???

Oh... we didn't come into money. Not like the Jefferson's anyway.

We are moving this week... not very far, across the yard to be exact. One would think that wouldn't be so bad.. WRONG. The truth is .. it was EASIER to move from NC to VA than 100 yards or so away!

I have ONE room done.. 4 1/2 more to go.. I say 1/2 cause I am not counting the bathroom as a whole room. My son's bedroom looks so nice. That would be the one that is complete.

What makes me sad.. I am going to have to downgrade my books.. AGAIN. I am losing at LEAST one large book shelf. I think the paper backs are biting it this time. Simply because I can put them in a box and store them in our shed and I will at least KNOW where they are.. Have you ever seen anyone soooo attached to their BOOKS? Those books got me through many many lonely days, they became my "friends". How pathetic is that??? Now I have a loving husband and two wonderful sons and an amazing daughter to fill my days, but I STILL can't let them go.

Oh that isn't a RANDOM baby.. that is Tyler my BFF's new baby.. I say new cause he is only a few months old and he is still really NEW to me. And NOTHING is wrong with his arm.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This one is for the girls...

Glitter Graphics

Piczo Lips

Do I even have to say the word???

I am still in Maryland.. will be going home late tomorrow evening but I thought I would say hi and give you a smooch and .. well how about a baby picture to make a very short post all that more exciting.

Monday, January 21, 2008

What I should be doing..

What I should be doing is taking a shower and getting dressed.
What I am doing is laying on the bed in my pjs watching a Tru Calling marathon.

What I should be doing is packing my clothes for my three day trip to Maryland.
What I am doing is washing clothes because I did not bother to do it yesterday.

What I should be doing is going to my grandfathers to rummage through a few things I have left thing sorting what goes where.
What I am doing is waiting until next weekend when I can make my daughter go with me so I don't have to go alone.

What I should be doing is logging on to blogger every day and giving you an update.
What I am doing is hiding in my own little world cause I just don't feel like dealing.

What I should be doing is hopping right back on the diet wagon cause I was doing so well.
What I am doing is eating myself crazy.

I am alive.. I am well.. well kinda sorta.. oh and because I haven't showered yet.. I stink ..