Thursday, June 28, 2007

I promise this to you..

NOTHING I have been doing is either fun or exciting. I have learned that I know nothing about math or law.. well that is a lie I know LOTS about law but that is limited to Judge Judy, and all her crazy ass day time tv counterparts, and every episode of law and order.

Do you guys know that some nut job in Chicago committed a murder, actually not just one murder he killed his whole family and shot his self... staged the WHOLE thing exactly after a Law and Order episode! What a moron! Who thinks to their self .. Hey I am going go kill my whole family and do it just like I just watch on Law and Order and NO ONE will ever know.. I am the only person who saw this episode.. well me and the other 300,000 morons watching it at the exact same time as me.. oh and the other million that has seen it in reruns.

I mean come on!!!

Ok.. I have learned something else.. I have another word I HATE.. Dollop!
What the HELL IS A DOLLOP! It is NOT dollop of sour cream it is a FRIGGING SPOON FULL! The only thing that deserves a DOLLOP is something that I just DROPPELED on the ground! It sounds like something.. (I am thinking maybe a seagull) propells out of his ass about 30 ft in the air right above the steak you are getting ready to eat.. now that my friends should be called a DOLLOP.

I would say that is my most hated word in the world, but it isn't.. someone reading this MAY know what that is.. and post it.. I can't even make my self TYPE it..
I found out that I could not type that particular word while discussing this exact subject with my boss who used the word SATURATE to describe a report, Yes I have issues with the word saturate, I am getting freaked out just reading that word.. just frigging EW. But guess what! She isn't using that word anymore .. hehehehe I love my boss!

5^5 SMMOOOOCHHHHIIIEEESSS to EVERYONE! The first person who can tell me how many that is gets double!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I wish..

it were more exciting but the truth is i have just been busy.

I went to Chicago for three days, then worked two more, then had a tooth out, then took the the Dude to NC for the week coming up.. just have been going going going.

Orientation was Thrusday night for school and that starts tomorrow. I am looking forward to it greatly but just a little scared at the same time.

right now.. it is Sunday afternoon I am childless and I think I am going to take another nap!!!!

But I am alive :)