Saturday, May 12, 2007

I am going to start my own version...

Ten things I do not like and why.. I am not tagging anyone today this is just for my own person use. It is 9 am on a SATURDAY and I am already annoyed to some degree.

1. I do NOT like people who do not take my world for it when I say the Waterman is unavailable. If I say he is unavailable that is not going to change at all when you say but I only need to talk to him for a minute. So what.. 1 minute... 30 minutes... he is STILL UNAVAILABLE. And when you push the issue I get all weirded out and think it may be important and go interupt the Waterman only to find out what was so important to you wasn't to him.

2. Women who call and when I say he is not available HANG UP.. Umm excuse me but just because he isn't available does not mean I couldn't take a message! Do NOT hang up on me!

3. I do NOT like the word CRISP. As a matter of fact I cringed a little when I typed it. Why must we even use that word??? Is it REALLY that important? Can we not find another word to mean the same thing. I mean just EW. There are other words I do not like either but this one is the WORST. It even ranks higher than the OTHER C word I do not like.

4. I do not like gorgeous Saturday's that I have to spend raking the yard instead of on the boat. I do not like it even worse when it is followed by a Sunday that is too cold to go out on the boat. Doesn't seem quite right does it??

5. I do not like a lady at work. I can't tell you where I work or who she is but I CAN say I do NOT like her. She is rude very very rude. Not to just me but to EVERYONE and she has her hand in everyone else's pots and she wears shirts that on the front say.. YOU WILL FOLLOW MY PROCESSES OR YOU WILL DIE.. and on the back say.. I WON'T FOLLOW YOURS AT ALL. Ok she doesn't REALLY wear those shirts but I can see them in my own head. She treats me like a moron and has basically said in emails that I am worthless and pointless. I know I am NOT supposed to take it personal because this woman doesn't have a bit of social skils in her body BUT I do take it personal.. those kinds of things HURT.

6. I do not like Mother's Day. I do not have a very good relationship with my own mother and that puts a damper on it for me. It makes me feel like a failure and a disappointment every year. Last year I spent a 3 hour drive from VA to NC crying on Mother's Day because it went so horrible. I made a decision not to make Mother's Day plans this year. I have given my mother her gift. I will call her, but I won't be spending dinner or time there.

7. I do not like that I am fat. I am not sure that explanation needs to be given here. It is kinda plain and simple. My ass is the size of what TWO asses should be. I SERIOUSLY need to do something about it but I have NO will power. No matter what I say or do I just can't MAKE myself do it. I swear I make all these plans in my head about what I am going to do about losing this weight.. and GUESS WHAT. All the weight is STILL here. I know that it is going to be all up to me but something has to be WRONG with my head. I can seriously be eating something and at the same time be thinking in my head.. you don't really want this.. you don't need this... but keep on chompling anyway! WHAT IS UP WITH THAT!!!

8. I do not like my el cheapo camera. I am very sad about my camera situation. I really really want the Panasonic Lumix. oh and by the way.. the post the other day.. I said DLS.. I was trying to say SLR.. I had work on the brain. The ony thing is I can not seem to justify buying myself this camera. No matter how many ways I spin it. I can't justify it. I was soooo hoping I might when the contest over here this week but I guess I am not all that creative when it comes to naming pictures.

9. I do not like that they have remade some great old 70's and 80's cartoons and turned them into some kinda freak show! I mean seriously have you SEEN the new Scooby??? It is horrible. The pesky kids do not even look right!! I am very saddened by this,

10. I do not like the fact that I could list 9 things so easily that I do not like. I have a friend who keeps telling me that I need to think positively. Maybe I am not a positive kind of person! Maybe I should try to do something to change that.

Ok I am done with my pity party now. I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Saturday!!! And to all you mothers out there HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Drat!!! I got tagged and totally missed it!

Because of the toothache and some minor travel this week I have been a day or two behind on blog reading.. I got tagged by.. DooDaddy. The hardest part about this is figuring out WHO I am going to tag back.

I am supposed to tell you ten INTERESTING facts about myself and that is not going to be easy because I am a boring kind of person. But I really liked DooDaddy's idea who made it nine TEN facts and a lie. You get to tell me which one is a lie.

1. I love to read (not very interesting but keep reading) and I have a hard time parting with books after reading them. I probably have thousands of books of all shapes and sizes. I have even read books from the library and then had to go buy them because I didn't want to part with it.

2. I drive a truck. A very big loud truck. You can hear my truck about a half a mile from the house. I love my truck.

3. I love to cook but I don't follow recipes well. I am always throwing in a little something extra even if it might mess up the whole dish. I haven't messed up a whole dish yet by doing this but I am sure it will happen at some point in time. Because I have a problem following recipes exactly it kinda throws baking out the door. Baking is too exact for me.

4. I once was playing around with my sister and talking in this granny country voice.. you know the one.. the one from the cartoons Granny that had tweety bird.. I could talk pretty much just like her. I had the whole Thank you Sonny down to a tee. Well the phone rang and I answered it in that voice. It was my prom date.

5. I do not remember my first marriage ceremony. Not that it matters I am glad I do not remember, that was a bad time for me. I remember each and every second of my wedding with the Waterman. I just don't remember the words the Preacher said. I can still see the whole ceremony in my head like I was there and I see his mouth moving but I don't hear the words.

6. I am addicted to coffee. My husband has often refered to my drinking massive amounts of coffee as my "Coffee Problem" He is right. It is a problem because I use that creamer stuff and I may as well poor liquid sugared fat down my throat. I have been teased repeatedly that I have a Starbucks Sonar in my brain that goes off whenever I get close to one because I can spot one from a mile away.

7. I have five brothers, four sisters, three mothers, two fathers, three sons, two daughters. That is 19 in total. Can you tell me how many of those are biological?

8. I love taking photographs. I don't have a good camera. I am still shopping. I have found the one I want and it isn't THAT expensive right around $400 with all the gadgets I need. And I am sure This One will do.. BUT I am secretly longing for This One.. It is about double the cost of the first one.. but well worth it and it is as close as you can get to DLS without going DLS. Which I KNOW I am not ready for. AWESOME.. the one I WANT went down in price!!!

9. I love football. I will sit around on Monday night, all afternoon on Saturday and Sunday starring at the TV while football is on. I think it has something to do with the mens rear ends in those tight pants. I cheer out loud at appropriate times and scare people in the house because I scream so loud.

10. I had a really good one for this one.. but I totally FORGOT IT! Obviously I have memory issues and as soon as I hit PUBLISH I will remember what it was! So how about I give you just a few short facts in here that really need no explanation. My BEST friend has been my best friend since middle school. I have a best friend who lives in the REPUBLIC of Georgia. I wear size 8 shoes. I am crafty in both meanings of the word. I am IN love for the first time in my life. I have seen every episode of Law and Order all three series. OHHHHHH I REMEMBER THE OTHER ONE. You get 11 from me.

11. I have always wanted to be a Medical Examiner. You know do autopsies and such. Dead people do not bother me. I think ever person dies with one more story to tell and it takes some one special to get that information from them. Because as much as I love the Ghost Whisper and Medium I don't think everyone has the ability just to chit chat with the dead. That in it self is weird I know.. BUT check this out. I can NOT stand to watch someone even have a teeny tiny cut.. or get a shot.. or those surgery shows on TV. Why.. because they are still ALIVE!!! So why did I not become and ME.. because apparently someone thinks that you have to learn how to work on LIVING people before you can work on the DEAD. umm ok WHATEVER THERE GOES MY DREAM!

OK here are my tag backs just because I am annoying a couple of you and because I REALLY want to know how the rest. If you by chance have done a list already.. send me the link I won't make you do it again, Phyl.. you have to DO IT.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Long day..

Been to DC today.. Got home around 7 pm to a little miss who missed me badly. Badly enough to chew my arm to peices when i got home. Ok not really my arm more like the arm of an old swear shirt but we had about 3o minutes there that I wasn't sure my sleeve was going to make it out alive.

I am tired.. tooth still doesn't want to act right but it isn't KILLING me tonight so that is good right?

Sunday is Mother's day and I have done NO SHOPPING.. ZERO .. ZLICH.. NADA.. i do not like shopping. I swear I am a girl.. I really am.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Because someone told me I could..

here is second post today.. HUGS TO A SPECIAL FRIEND..

Isn't this exactly what you asked for??? A LITTLE bit of sunshine!!

Happy Monday..

YEA RIGHT!!! The toothache is still here, but it is only manifesting itself at night! What is UP WITH THAT. Before you guys start fussing at me about calling a dentist.. I HAVE!!! The first appointment I could get so far is June 22nd. That is right more than a MONTH away. But I have a couple of referrals I am going to call on Thursday and before anyone says CALL NOW, believe me I want to but I have an important meeting in DC tomorrow and really couldn't have any major dental work done prior to it due to the fact that I am going to have to talk and all. Ok here is the strange thing.. it isn't really my TOOTH that is hurting even though it is quite obvious that either a filling has come out or it is broke,, it is the gum that is hurting, and I don't mean above the tooth either i mean the entire gum on the upper right side.

Ok enough talk about my dental issues they will get fixed and I will just have to be miserable for another few nights.

I had no internet this morning for HOURS!! I am not sure what happened but that is why there was no post earlier. I was going to post last night but the tooth thing (ooopps sorry there I go with dental again) didn't let me.

To the person I am not talking ABOUT but I am talking to.. I will teach you how to make meatloaf. It is easy and I promise it will TASTE GOOD.

No pictures today.. sorry. Oh I have worked more on the cozy but I really want to wait until it is done to show it off.. k?

Sunday, May 6, 2007

So here is the deal..

Yes I have been a bad blogger lately. It isn't my fault really.. really it isn't. It is my tooth's fault. It hurts. It has hurt most of the weekend. Not a horrible rip the side off my face hurt but a take a hammer and screw driver and pry it out on my own kind of annoyance. Know what I mean?
I have also been working on my Cozy.. it is turning out quite nicely, not enough for a picture yet but getting there. Maybe by tomorrow.

We had really bad wind here today.. blow your truck half way across the road kind of wind. There has been no damage but it is one of those bone chilling winds.

Oh.. we found the litter of kittens today. We had THOUGHT they were under the house. Apparently Momma Kitty Puss was NOT happy about where they were residing and decided it was time to move up in the world. Que the Jefferson's Music. The new family has moved into one of the boats. Now that we have found them I am sure they will be moved rather quickly again. Kitty Puss is not a very social kind of cat. The most we get out of her most days.. is HISS!! Which I have translated to mean. GIVE ME MY DAMN FOOD AND MOVE ALONG NOTHING TO SEE HERE!! Seriously as soon as one of us walks out the door all we hear is HISS!!! You would think that considering we are FEEDING HER she would be a slight bit nicer, but not Kitty Puss. We are even feeding her EXPENSIVE cat food. One would think she would at least hiss a thanks every now and then. The only thing I can say is that she is a good Momma. She hides her babies well!

I made the shiskabobs long before I asked everyone what to do but I promise I will blanch (that is yet another word that I do not like) the veggies first. My poor meat was like shoe leather.. but it didn't stop anyone from eating it!! They were devoured!

I made meat loaf today.. one of my guys favorites.. we had mashed potatos and asparagus with it. Does anyone notice the pattern with the aspragus lately? We all LOVE it and since the season is so short we eat it all we can. I don't think aspragus is one of those things you can freeze. Unless someone knows something I don't.

I leave you today with a sweet little picture of the Binky Boo.