Saturday, April 21, 2007

No Pictures Today

Sorry. I am just not in the mood to post pictures today. Why you ask, because I desperately want a new camera. The more I look at other blogs the more I realize how inadequate my own pictures are. How lame.. how pathetic.. how non artist. I am ashamed to post any more pictures. That does not mean I am not taking pictures, it just means you won't see them.

I am just bumming around today. Nothing much going on. The Waterman is out working on boats for the Boatman. The Dude is out playing somewhere in the neighborhood.

Can I just say that is one small joy .. make that a LARGE joy of living in a small town. I can guarantee that when my little Dude hops on his bike and takes off in the morning he is going to end up at the house of someone that I went to school with or someone that I have known most of my life or someone that I am directly related to. It is so incredibly nice outside today that it would be a shame for the little brat to sulking around the house all day like he used to when we lived in the city and there was no bike riding or going off on your own. Living in a place like this opened up a whole new world to him that he never knew he was missing.

I wish I could say that this afternoon we were taking off on a nice boat ride and I would be taking along a camera worth taking but alas the Home Depot calls us and that is where we will spend the beautiful afternoon. Looking a power tools, large powerful power tools. HMMM maybe that won't be so bad.

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Oh shoot here.. one picture taken with a crappy camera.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The name of this blog is deceiving..

It is the truth but not the whole truth. I realized this when I was sharing old pictures with my oldest son tonight.

Ok so technically he isn't my son he is my step son, but I have never liked the word step-whatever. It seems so detatched. I am sure some of you will not agree with me on this but that is how I feel so deal with it. Heck I have a sister that isn't even a step-whatever nor is she a half-somethingorother she is just my sister and I love her dearly and at times dislike her just like one too. I can honestly say you can dislike and love someone at the same time.. just ask her.

Our Boys.

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time. It was taken last year long before I even knew that young man would be my son, but it was still one of my favorites even then. Our boys, the oldest and the youngest. Aren't they handsome?

Ok let's get back to the point of this post. My deception. You see I am not just the wife of a waterman.

I am the Great-Granddaugther of a waterman.

This is Captain Henry Owens. He owned four boats that I am aware of. One was named after my grandmother, the Ellen Marie. I was named after her, the Dude likes to say that I was named after a boat.

I am the Granddaughter of a waterman.

This is Captain Snooks. Pop as I called him. He owned two boats. The Pet and the Virginia. I have no clue where those names came from but he worked on the water until he couldn't anymore and even on his death bed he woke up more than one morning at 4 am saying it was time to go in the bay to fish his pound nets.

I am NOT the daughter of a waterman.

My father hi-tailed it out of the water world as soon as he was old enough to hold down a regular job. Somehow the saltwater didn't make it in his blood and hunting did. I still love my Hounddog though.

I am the wife of a waterman.

Being the great-granddaughter and the grand-daughter of watermen has done nothing for the worry I go through every time the wind blows when one of these guys is out on the water, but this is my life and I love it.

I am the Mom of a waterman.

To be honest I am new this part and I am sure that worry of him being out there on the water will drive me insane but I will get used to it... at least that is what I keep telling myself. I remember when The Waterman took my camera on the boat with him last winter and this particular day was very very COLD.

I am the Mother of a Future waterman.

My little one informed me that when he grew up he was going to work on the water. I hope he means as a hobby because the working part of the water is dying rather quickly. So many rules and regulations put in place by people with book smarts and no working knowledge of the bay.

Now you have the truth and you have met the men in my life all in one post.

It used to be Arizona and a Streamline Trailer.

For years when I wanted to run off I always had this fanatasy story of running off to Arizona and living in one of those streamline trailers in teh dessert. Why I don't know because that quite possibily would be the most miserable place in the world to be in one of those bullet homes. Can you even imagine how HOT it would get in there?? Maybe that was the point.. trading one misery for the other. I dont' know really.
The point is in the past few days I have decided that I do not want to run off to Arizone in a Streamline. Oh I do still want to run off just not to there.

Where I want to go I want to see this every morning..

Where I want to go I can nap with this much comfort every day.

Where I want to go I can knit what I want when I want.

Where I want to go I can eat these whenever I want. Like last night.

Where I want to go I can listen to what I want when I want.. (note that is 2566 songs listed)

Where I want to go I can go to bed with this every night.

So what I have found is where I want to run is home. I just couldn't get there last night even though I was here.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Little Things in Life...

Actually in my world I am getting ready to talk about the big things, but when you put it in perspective (yes there I go again) we are all very small in comparison to the world. I have been doing some thinking, I have always said for as long as I can remember that I didn't NEED anything. You could take everything away from me and I would be ok, and because I am such a hardheaded strong willed person I still say that I don't NEED anything but there are quite a few things that I want. I am going to let you into my strange little world and show you a few things that I do NOT WANT to ever have to live without.


There is something to be said for a man who loves his wife even though she wears bunny ears! Seriously, I do not ever want to think about life without this man. He knows how to make me laugh and smile even when I can't don't want to.


This little guy gets on my LAST NERVE at times, but what kid doesn't. Every day I see something new through his eyes. He is an angel. That is the only thing I can say.


I never would have thought that a dog could capture my heart the way this little one has. She is part of this family and everyone in the house LOVES her.


I didn't say that they were all GOOD for me now did I? I just said it was stuff I didn't want to live without, and to be completely honest the coffee and Marlboro's keep me sane which in turn keeps the previous three "Don't Want to Live Withouts" from running away from me screaming!


Don't ask. I have had the pillow for as long as I can remember. Asswipes People have actually been hurt over this pillow. NO ONE gets to touch my pillow.. NO ONE. That includes the "Don't Want to Live Withouts" and in truth they are all afraid to touch it.
As for the Blankie I am not as attached to that. I will allow other people to touch it, but not sleep with it or snuggle with it. The Blankie is MINE and when it is time to watch Law and Order I do NOT want to have to say to someone.. give me my blanket.. I want it sitting there waiting for me in all of it's fluffiness.


That is what I named my laptop, yes there is a story behind it. No I don't feel like telling you at the moment. This thing keeps me connected to friends and family that I have all over the United States and as of 8 pm tomorrow night I can say all over the WORLD! I don't want to post pictures of all my friends it will take way too long. So I posted Jenny MAC cause this is my connection to those people. Family, Friends and the Internet.. all things I do not want to live without.

Life is short.. Live every day to the fullest.. Find something to smile about every day.. and never forget that we all have things in our lives we don't want to live without.

Go Hookies!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sibling Rivalry

When I was a child, which is different than saying when I was CHILDISH, because that I still am. Ok back to the story.... When I was a child I used to pick on my younger brother TERRIBLY. I was always much taller than he was and a considerable amount meaner. My mother (who I still say loved him more) used to say, "One of these days he is going to be bigger than you and he is going to get you!!" Well she was right .. sort of. He did end up much taller than me, a foot taller to be exact. HOWEVER he never got me, why you ask, because I was always way meaner and much more sneaky and very hard person to GET. I am not sure that anyone ever GOT me.

Yesterday, my friend Pat and The Boatman (yes I just named him that Pat) came by to deliver work, and with them they brought Rudder who happens to be Binky's brother. Now let me put this in perspective for you, because I like doing that.. putting things in prespective .. Rudder is STILL twice as big as Binky if not more. I seriously need to take her to the Post Office and have her weighed. But the point is compared to her he is HUGE!! Binky is a fairly nervous little bugger so I was a little concerned that she would shimmer and shake and hide behind me. uummm NOT!!!

Take a look at this video ...

Looks like my little girl can hold her own!!!